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The real estate market has been on quite the roller coaster ride lately. And as a homeowner, the stress in unavoidable-you have plenty of choices when it comes to selecting a real estate agent. Fortunately, there is no need to be paralyzed by uncertainty and stress. You have arrived. Together, we'll help you avoid mistakes made by other sellers and buyers and navigate through current market realities. 

Whether you are buying your first condo, investing in an income property or selling your home of many years. We are here to help

Your time is precious and tastes unique, let us listen and understand. This is not just one real estate deal this a company that cares.

                                                                                       Fil Sechovec - Owner


A Step-by-Step Guide to Homebuying

If this is your first time buying a home, take a look at our 9 step process. It is less daunting than you thought.


1. Know what your credit looks like.

Before applying for a loan, check your credit for mistakes. Fixing an error on your report can be a lengthy process so make sure you do this step several months prior to applying for a mortgage.  



2. Get preapproved.

Get 3 offers from qualified lenders and chose one that best suits you. This step will also help you establish what type of a home you can afford.  






3. Find a realtor.

Finding the right realtor will save you time, money and aggravation. Most people don't have the contacts and knowledge of the local market to complete a real estate transaction. Let one of our experts at Seco Realty brokerage a deal without a headache.




4. Decide where you want to live.

Where are you at this point in your life? Do you want to be close to entertainment, shops, night life or do you care about the safety and the school district? You can discuss this with your realtor or try or for handy information.






5. Start searching with your realtor.


Tell your realtor what kind of a home you envision. Its location, amenities, look and upgrades. They will give you a list or you can search the MLS database directly after receiving log-in and passcode from one of our agents. It's time for some showings - this is the exciting part.   




6. Compare values.


Your realtor will perform a comparative market analysis, or CMA to establish true value of the home and create a jump off point for offers.  






7. Hire an inspector.

Getting an inspection on a property isn't only smart but safe. An inspection will uncover any problems unseen by a buyer. An offer should be made contingent on a satisfactory home inspection. Any necessary repairs are later used as leverage in negotiations.

8. Make an offer.

Discuss with your realtor what an appropriate offer will be. Concessions can be made based on the several factors encompassing the deal.  







9. Close and save some money on taxes.

Many closing costs are generally deductible (pro-rated interest from closing until the end of the month and any mortgage points paid). Then sign on the dotted line and move into your home.


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